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Shop Our Marketplace!

 Tired of the high cost of effective advertising?  Go INTERACTIVE with your customers for less than any other form of advertising!  Your business will have a "Featured" listing in our business directory above all basic business listings...and not only that...you will receive a fully customizable "Business Showcase" page, where you can offer site visitors Internet Coupons, post Special Sales and News, and even SELL YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES ONLINE!  Best of all, you can update all of your information INSTANTLY from any computer in the world....with NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!   It is the first and only city guide of its kind!


Featured Business Membership
$99.95 /year  or 
$9.95/month (CC or Paypal only)

You  will receive the following:

Top Level Listing - Your listing appears above all basic (free) listings  in the DiamondBarBeat.com directory.



Directory listing includes:
   - Listing under the category of your choice
   - Business Name, Address, Phone Number
   - Direct link to your website (if you have one)
   - Interactive Map & Directions links to help customers find you.
   - Link to your "Business Showcase" page (see below for full info on this incredible feature)

Your own customizable "Business Showcase" Page

Fully customizable using our patented WYSIWYG Editor, your "Business Showcase" is the most innovative way to interact with your customers available today.  All aspects of your "Business Showcase" can be updated instantly, right through your web browser.  Even if you aren't very "Computer Savvy", you will find it is very easy, and our tutorials are designed to make it a breeze.

Your Business Showcase Includes:
- Business Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail Address
   - Direct link to your website (if you have one)
   - Your businesses logo/picture
   - Interactive Yahoo map of your business
   - Up to 3 Community Savings Card / Coupon Offers
   - Customizable Business Description

- Get Creative!  Our WYSIWYG Editor (What you see is what you get) allows you to share any information you would like with our website visitors.  Tell them about your business, post your hours of operation, add pictures business, restaurants can even post their menus...there's no limitations!  The WYSIWYG Editor is easy to use, with a simple Microsoft Word-like interface....and it allows you to stay current with your customers and prospective customers as well. 

   - News and Special Offers - Inform website visitors about upcoming sales and more!
   - Your Marketplace Items for Sale

- As a Featured Business, you can sell as many products or services (with pictures) as you would like.  Our website visitors can browse them in our Marketplace, but they also appear on your business showcase page.  It's a great way to show off your products / services, and promote your business.



Our "Community Savings Card" will Drive Customers to YOU!

Our "Community Savings Card" is an incredible concept we have created for two purposes: 1)  To get local consumers to our website  2) To get them to your business!

We will be distributing 1000's of these cards across the city FREE OF CHARGE!   They come to our website to find the participating businesses....and that's where they find YOU!

When you sign up as a featured business, your coupons also double as discount savings card offers!  You don't have to do anything except honor the cards of the new customers that we drive to your business!






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